Current Contributors

Luke Stanke

Partner, Tessellation
Employee, Data Coach

Luke has been developing high-end, scalable data science and data visualization solutions for more than a dozen years and is a co-founder and Partner at Tessellation, a boutique analytics consultancy. He also co-leads Data Coach, a platform for professionals to learn top modern analytics at their own pace with the support of a dedicated professional trainer and mentor.

Luke has been a regular contributor to Workout Wednesday since 2018.  Luke has lead Workout Wednesday Live in more than a dozen locations.  He is also responsible for the creation of the website.

Ann Jackson

Founder & Managing Director, Jackson Two

By day Ann spends her time partnering with data extractors and business users to unlock answers within their data. Outside of work she leads the Phoenix Tableau User Group, loves contributing to global Tableau community initiatives, and stays active through blogging and Twitter. Ann is known for her clean and highly analytical visualizations, commitment to the community (including data+women), and infinite energy and optimism around all things data and Tableau.

Ann has been a regular contributor to Workout Wednesday since March of 2018.  She and Luke presented Workout Wednesday at the 2018 Tableau Conference.

Lorna Brown

Tableau & Alteryx Consultant, The Information Lab

Lorna is a speeding tipping magician, who loves to give back to the community. She started her journey as part of the Information Labs Data School in 2015. She also co-leads the North West UK Tableau User Group in her spare time. The community is a big part of Lorna, and she wants to do all she can to give back. Lorna loves her cats and sports, especially Rugby League. Her secret power is LODs and her weakness is Table Calculations.  

Lorna has been a regular contributor to Workout Wednesday since 2019.

Sean Miller

Sr. Business Intelligence Developer, Cerner

Sean is a Sr. Business Intelligence Developer at Cerner and has been using Tableau since April 2015. He is also Tableau Social Media Ambassador and an enthusiastic member of the Tableau community. As a regular participant in #MakeoverMonday, #WorkoutWednesday and personal data projects there is always something new on his Tableau Public profile. His work has been selected as “Viz of the Week” and is featured in the book, “#MakeoverMonday: Improving How We Visualize and Analyze Data, One Chart at a Time”. Sean’s blog is where he shares his learning and his insight.

Candra McRae

Tableau Evangelist, AFLAC

Experienced analytics leader helping companies identify opportunities, execute, and scale by putting their data to work for them.  Candra is the principal consultant and founder of Lumodis, an analytics services firm focused on data strategy, data visualization, data literacy, and digital experience optimization. She also serves as a 2020 Tableau Public Ambassador, Community Equity Task Force member, Tableau Data Leaders Advisory Board member, previous #TC18 speaker, former featured author, a featured speaker with The Maple Square, and mentor. When she is not showing others how to understand their data or how to tell data stories that inspire action, she enjoys moving the conversation forward related to diversity in tech and data ethics. Outside of her day job, she is a proud wife and mother of one, experimental baker, music lover, and (pre-Covid-19) avid traveler.

Previous Contributors

2020 Alumni

Meera Losani Umasankar

Senior Specialist in Data Visualization, Integrated Health Information System (IHiS)

Meera works as a Senior Specialist in Data Visualization at Integrated Health Information System (IHiS) in Singapore. She has been using Tableau for more than 5 years now and is passionate about data visualisation. Meera’s an active member of the Tableau Community and she also co-leads the Data + Women community in Singapore!

2020 Alumni

Ivett Kovács

Senior Data Visualization Expert, Starschema

Ivett became one of the first Hungarian Tableau power-users in 2012. Not just Tableau certified, Ivett has been a Tableau Ambassador since 2017. Currently, she is Starschema’s senior data visualization expert, leading a team of 10+ dataviz developers, developing dashboards, delivering user training sessions, and teaching dataviz related courses at Hungarian universities.  

2019 Alumni

Curtis Harris

Head of Experience Engineering, Pluralsight

Curtis is the head of Experience Analytics Engineering and loves crafting powerful challenges that appear devastatingly simple.  In addition to contributing to the blog, Curtis regularly records walkthrough videos to help alleviate the pain of a difficult workout. The weekly walkthrough videos can be found on his YouTube channel.

Curtis was a guest contributor in 2018 and joined the team full time in 2019.

2018 Alumni

Rody Zakovich

Data Analyst, Tresta Inc.
Rody will write his bio when he’s good and ready, right now he’s building some crazy visual while you read this.

2017 Alumni

Andy Kriebel

Head Coach, The Information Lab
Andy is a prominent Tableau blogger. Andy utilizes his expertise to help all levels of Tableau users – beginner or advanced. Andy also leads the #MakeoverMonday project – one of the biggest social data projects of the past two years.

2017 Alumni

Emma Whyte

Head of Centre of Excellence and Customer Advocacy, The Information Lab
Emma is a Certified Tableau Trainer and Consultant in the UK and one of the few women who are both Tableau Server and Desktop Certified. She is a big believer in enablement and training, which is why she partnered with Andy to start #WorkoutWednesday. Outside of Tableau Emma loves to be outdoors, whether it be cycling or hiking. Occasional cake baker too.
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