2019 Week 49: Can you swap states?


This is my last challenge I’ll present for 2019! The year flew by, too. We’ve seen the Workout Wednesday community evolve over the past two years. It was initially recognized for providing complex data visualization puzzles (never the intention of any author–and I mean that)! As it has grown from 100 weekly users to closer to 1,500, we’ve seen the audience change. Participants (like you) have a very wide spectrum of skills. 

Knowing this, I asked the #WorkoutWednesday2019 Twitter community how difficult the my last challenge of the year should be. Responses covered the spectrum, and when there were 52 votes cast there was a 4 way tie!

So this week will be notably tough (I actually had a more difficult one hanging out in my queue of future challenges). Anyway, back to the challenge:

This week’s challenge comes from a visualization that I worked on with Spencer Baucke earlier this year. We used a technique that selected a particular president from a grid and then displayed the president above the grid. We also shared some details. After a state is selected the states ranked below that state move up the grid. 

This week we replicate the technique using sales and states from the superstore dataset.

Pay attention to how the grid re-sorts itself.


  • Two sheets

  • Dashboard Size: 600px-by-900px
  • Sheet 1 (at the top): Show a selected state and cities in that state.
    • Size the cities by total sales
    • Match the state outline formatting.
    • Show the state label and total sales for that state

  • Sheet 2 (at the bottom): Show a grid of the top 25 non-selected states in order:
    • Add labels for state, rank, and total sales.
    • Show the label below the state name.
    • When a state is selected, remove it from the grid of 25

  • Replicate formatting

  • No tooltips


This week uses the superstore dataset for Tableau 2019.1. You can get it here at data.world


When you publish your solution on Tableau Public make sure to take the time and include a link to the original inspiration.  Also include the hashtag #WorkoutWednesday2019 in your description to make it searchable!


After you finish your workout, share on Twitter using the hashtag #WorkoutWednesday2019 and tag @AnnUJackson@LukeStanke@lorna_eden, and @curtisharris_!



3 thoughts on “2019 Week 49: Can you swap states?”

  1. Hi Luke, Nice challenge, thanks for the same. Somehow I am getting far more cities in a state than in the challenge. Are you filtering the cities based on the sales values?

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