Week 23: How do Sales compare in the Current Period to the Previous

I’m back after a semi-extended leave, but hoping I have a good challenge for everyone.

I love working with Dates, and have come across all sorts of use cases for comparing like-wise periods of time. The challenge below covers a use-case of trying to compare a Custom Date range, to the same number of days previous period.



  • User can select a Start and End date for the Current Period
  • The “Previous Period” contains the same number of days as the Current Period, and ends the Day before the Start Date
  • Both the “Current” and “Previous” Periods must be on the same Date Axis (No dual Axis!)
  • The Current Period must be distinguishable from the previous period
  • Must show the Current Period Range, as well as, the Prior Period Range


You can superstore data on data.world.


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